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Blog Entries: Composting

We have created this blog categorization system as a way to organize and preserve the daily blogs written about our farming life. We hope you find this categorization system helpful. 

The following blog entries are all related in some way to the topic of composting. They may cover any one or more of the following topics:
forming compost piles
nitrogen:carbon balancing
compost bin designs
compost research facilities
using compost on the farm

Or they may simply be essays about some aspect of creating, storing and using compost. We hope you find something useful here, or at least some pleasant reading. 

If there is some way we can improve our archiving system, please Contact Us and we'll take your recommendations into consideration. 


Composting 101, Part III

October 30, 2011

Preview of this blog entry:

"Now that we know something about how to make compost, and what compost can do for the soil, the next question is: how and when to apply it? The short answer is: it depends. Let’s take a look at the variables that go into determining that answer..."

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Composting 101, Part II

October 20, 2011

Preview of this blog entry:

"Our last blog entry introduced the process of composting, along with some preliminary information about composting ingredients, the C:N ratio, particle size, moisture, process time/temperature, and common pile shapes/sizes. That could all be considered the first half of composting. But what about when the finished product is put onto the land? How does it work as a soil amendment? Can it be called a fertilizer? What other benefits does it provide? How is it different from inorganic fertilizers? These application questions will be today’s topic..."

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Composting 101, Part I

October 10, 2011

Preview of this blog entry:

"Ever start pulling on a small length of string, only to learn that it was connected to the rest of everything? That's what happened to me with this latest blog topic. It was supposed to be a normal little article, but every time I pulled just a little more string, I saw it connected to a few more things. But I digress. Let's get started with this latest topic..."

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