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During 2011 and 2012 we posted a wide variety of weblog articles.  These articles spanned a wide range of topics, and occurred every 1-7 days.  We stopped writing the blog entries in April 2012 because we simply couldn't keep up with those writing tasks on top of everything else we were trying to do.

In the future we hope to get back to providing at least weekly blog entries.  In the meantime, we are pleased to provide this archive.  We have organized the blog entries according to both topic, and date.  We also still have a backlog of weblog pages to categorize into the appropriate topics.  We know it's taking awhile to work through that backlog.  Thank you for your patience. 

Weblogs by Date

We published blogs every 1-7 days, with more frequent postings early on and once/weekly postings towards the end of our blogging period.  So the early months will have a lot of entries per month.  Alas, if only there were ways to fold everything we want to do, into each 24 hour day.......

Archives in Chronological Order

April 2012 Weblog Entries 

March 2012 Weblog Entries 

February 2012 Weblog Entries 

January 2012 Weblog Entries 

December 2011 Weblog Entries 

November 2011 Weblog Entries 

October 2011 Weblog Entries 

Sept 2011 Weblog Entries 

Aug 2011 Weblog Entries 

July 2011 Weblog Entries 

June 2011 Weblog Entries 

May 2011 Weblog Entries 

April 2011 Weblog Entries 

March 2011 Weblog Entries 

February 2011 Weblog Entries 

January 2011 Weblog Entries

Weblogs by Topic

This section is still under construction. We hope to have it finished soon. Please feel free to explore the following categories, and check back often for additional categories. Thank you for your patience! 

Weblogs by Category

Animal Husbandry 



Ethics, Policies and Politics 

Farm Lifestyle 

Farm Planning 

Farm Marketing 



Livestock Guardian Dogs 

On-Farm Resource Management 

Veterinary Services 

Weather Issues 

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