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Small Scale Forestry at
Frog Chorus Farm

It might seem odd to have a forestry page on a farm website. But the two often go hand in hand, in mutually compatible and beneficial ways. This section of the website is dedicated to exploring how small scale forestry can complement farm activities, management, and profitability.


Trees are a way of life in the Pacific Northwest. Our climate, our latitude and our geography resulted in miles of unbroken forest cover until only very recently. A far cry from single species commercial woodlots, our native forests naturally include dozens of hardwood and softwood species, as well as numerous understory plant species and countless animal species. The mix of dry forest floor, frequent streams and ponds have only increased the variety of species which this area can comfortably support. 

While some property owners feel compelled to clear their entire property and use every last bit of area for crops or livestock, we plan to keep much of our forest cover intact. Furthermore, we have folded forestry practices into our operation so that our farm can make the best possible use of what we already have. As part of that planning process, we attended a set of Forest Stewardship classes hosted by several state agencies. Those classes taught us a great deal about woodlot management, soil and water quality within those woods, wildlife diversity and balancing ecosystem protection with economic viability. The end result of those classes was a written Forest Plan which we are still implementing. 

Focus Topics

As you have probably seen on other pages, we are in the process of rebuilding and expanding our farm website. So we have lots of work ahead of us in that regard. 

Part of this new website will include a comprehensive section on forestry topics as they apply to our small farm. Topics include:
* Hardwoods management
* Softwoods management
* Surface water and ground water management
* Forest ecosystems and wildlife management
* Understory species and impacts on farm activities
* Forest Canopy Succession Planning
* Boreal Forest and Property History
* Forest Soils Preservation
* Small Forest Products

Check Back For Updates

Forestry is as big a part of what we do here as any other topic in small farm management. We invite you to read through our materials, as we get those materials posted, to learn about how we balance forest management with other farm activities. We plan to create and maintain a thriving, healthy forest for the rest of our time on this property, and we look foreward to sharing information about those efforts.

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Our Successful Farming and Ranching Books


The Chicken Coop Manual

We released our very first self-published book. The Chicken Coop Manual in 2014. It is a full color guide to conventional and alternative poultry housing options, including 8 conventional stud construction plans, 12 alternative housing methods, and almost 20 different design features. This book is available on and as a PDF download.  Please visit The Chicken Coop Manual page for more information. 

RCLL Cover

Rabbit Colonies: Lessons Learned

We started with rabbits in 2002, and we've been experimenting with colony management ever since.  Fast forward to  2017, when I decided to write another book, this time about colony management.  The book is chock-full of  practical information, and is available from both Amazon and as a PDF download. Please visit the Rabbit Colonies page for more information.

The Pastured Pig Handbook

We are currently working on our next self-published book: The Pastured Pig Handbook.  This particular book addresses a profitable, popular and successful hog management approach which sadly is not yet well documented.  Our handbook, will cover all the various issues involved with pastured hog management, including case studies of numerous current pastured pig operations.  If you have any questions about this book, please Contact Us.

Small Scale Forestry Books

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