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Welcome to our online Farm Store. Here you will find a general list of all the products we have for sale during the various seasons, along with a monthly list of what's available now. We provide only a brief listing here of each product, but much more detail is available on each product's particular page. Those pages are listed as hyperlinks for each product group. If you have any questions, please contact us and we'll be happy to provide additional information.

What's Available in:
November, 2018

We have wrapped up our sales for the season.  We are still finalizing our plans for 2019, which may include the following:

Meat and Eggs:

We are currently sold out of all meats, and our egg sales have ended for the year.  If you'd like to get on our mailing list for 2019, just Contact Us.

Pet Food and Livestock Feed Ingredients:

We have started raising rabbits, rats and mice again as prey food items for cats and dogs.  We also are offering our culled laying hens and roosters for cat/dog raw diets. 

Cull Hens: $10/bird live, approx $20/bird cut/wrapped and frozen

Cull Roosters: $5/bird live, approximately $15/bird cut/wrapped and frozen

Contact us for the latest availability list, or if you have questions about any of those items.


Contact us if you're interested in local grass hay from the 2017 growing seasons, and we'll let you know what hay we have available.


We will have Oberhasli and Saanen wethers available later in the year, along with weanling Tamworth piglets later in 2018.  Contact us if you are interested.


Our farming, gardening, and livestock books are always available via our website. We have an extensive Bookstore with dozens of book titles for topics including:

** Cattle Books, with information for either the aspiring beef or dairy producer. Whether you're just starting out or have been raising cattle awhile, you'll find books here that will show you something new.

** Draft Horse Books for the person who wants to learn how to put horses back to work on the farm or in the woods. Or perhaps simply enjoys reading about those who have.

** Pig Books. Swine are one of the small farm's best friends, providing cost-effective meat production. These books will show readers how to make the most of that potential, in cost effective ways.

** Goat Books. Goats are a very popular candidate for small scale suburban and rural landowners, and even urban homesteaders. Meat, milk, fiber, and character! These books will show how to select the right goats, whatever your goal.

** Sheep Books for the aspiring flock owner. Sheep offer wool, meat and milk to the small-scale producer or homesteader. These books show how to maintain a healthy, productive, profitable flock of your very own.

** Poultry, Waterfowl and Turkey Books. Many folks want a small flock of their own, regardless of where they live. Poultry can provide meat, eggs, profit and/or enjoyment for the small flock owner. These books will show you how.

** Rabbit Books will guide the first-time rabbit owner through housing, feeding, breeding and grooming. Rabbits are an ideal small livestock animal for either urban, suburban or rural residents. These books will show you how to start, or improve, your rabbit herd.

** Beekeeping Books. Most folks know that honeybees are facing unprecedented challenges right now. Few folks know that they can do something about it. Amateur beekeeping has never been easier, more enjoyable, more profitable, or more important than now. These books will help you get started, or make better use of your own hives, regardless of where you life.

** Hydroponics Books explore the realm of soilless plant cultivation for both the hobbyist and the market grower. This innovative approach can integrate well into either homestead food production or commercial market production.

** Gardening Books, suitable for anyone wishing to grow their own food. Whether you're on the farm, in the suburbs or living downtown, you can grow at least some of your own foods. These books will show you how, regardless of your particular growing conditions.

** Animal and Farm-Related Coloring Books, which make wonderful gifts for young farming enthusiasts. They also make great teaching aids for those trying to teach youngsters about where their food comes from, and how farming forms the backbone of American society.

Products Available In the Next Few Months

Our product offerings come and go with the seasons. This is an overview of what we'll have coming within the next three months:

* Our  tasty free-range eggs of various colors (white, light brown, dark brown and green) are available year-round.  Each carton of one dozen eggs offers a mix of colors. Our hens are on pasture during the summer and large open pens during the winter, eating a natural mix of grains, greens, insects and natural supplements. Our birds live long, healthy, happy chicken lives. You can taste the difference in our eggs! We will be selling the bulk of our eggs through bulk buy groups and possibly food hubs, but we'll have limited quantities available for direct sale. Please Contact Us for more information.

* We are now taking reservations for our next batch of pork, available in second half 2018 timeframe. Our last batch of pork sold out in eight hours! So if you're interested, please send us your contact info ASAP because we use the rule "first come, first served". For more information, please visit our Pigs page.

*We are mulling plans to expand our tomato, squash, rhubarb and strawberries beyond the small amounts we grow for personal use. We are not sure yet which of these, if any, we'll grow on a large enough scale to sell to the public this year. Check back here and we'll update throughout the year.

*We will have a limited supply of beautiful local grass hay this year. All our animals love this hay, and we've gotten good feedback from our customers. Of particular interest to horse owners, our insulin-resistant Morgan mare has done very well on our hay without soaking. She has been laminitis-free ever since we converted her over to this hay in 2007. If you're interested in hay from our 2016  or 2017 cuttings, please let us know ASAP.

If you are interested in any of our products, we encourage you to please Contact Us for more information.

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Our Successful Farming and Ranching Books


The Chicken Coop Manual

We released our very first self-published book. The Chicken Coop Manual in 2014. It is a full color guide to conventional and alternative poultry housing options, including 8 conventional stud construction plans, 12 alternative housing methods, and almost 20 different design features. This book is available on and as a PDF download.  Please visit The Chicken Coop Manual page for more information. 

RCLL Cover

Rabbit Colonies: Lessons Learned

We started with rabbits in 2002, and we've been experimenting with colony management ever since.  Fast forward to  2017, when I decided to write another book, this time about colony management.  The book is chock-full of  practical information, and is available from both Amazon and as a PDF download. Please visit the Rabbit Colonies page for more information.

The Pastured Pig Handbook

We are currently working on our next self-published book: The Pastured Pig Handbook.  This particular book addresses a profitable, popular and successful hog management approach which sadly is not yet well documented.  Our handbook, will cover all the various issues involved with pastured hog management, including case studies of numerous current pastured pig operations.  If you have any questions about this book, please Contact Us.