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Small Scale Goat Production

Small scale goat production means different things to different people.  Some are well acquainted with the health benefits and marketing potential for goat milk and goat cheeses.  Others are familiar with goat meat, also known as chevon, and want to provide chevon products to friends, family and/or the public.  Many people use goats for land clearing, either their own or as rented herds for brush control.  And some adventurous individuals use goats on the trail as friendly, sturdy and reliable pack animals.  We'll take a look at all these small scale goat production options.  We'll also take a look at goat health issues, and how to manage a healthy herd regardless of the purpose(s) those goats may serve.

Goat Milk and Dairy Production

Goat milk, goat cheeses, and other goat dairy products are in strong demand.  Yet launching and operating a goat dairy is a significant undertaking.  We'll take a look at the opportunities, challenges and options for small scale goat dairy production.

Small Scale Chevon Production

Goat meat, also known as chevon, may not be well known yet in this country but it is in strong demand amongst a variety of ethnic groups.  And the general public is slowly but surely becoming aware of chevon as a gourmet meat.  Small scale chevon production can be a profitable production option for small scale farms and ranches.  Yet, as with all niche products, producers must proceed with caution and diligent preparations before they can make the most of that market.  We'll take a look at existing chevon production markets, challenges to entering those markets, and how current chevon producers have built their operations.

Brush Clearing With Goats

Some landowners have successfully used goats to clear brush for aesthetics, for fire protection, or to make the most of available browse.  Folks have also rented out their herds to others for these same purposes.  We'll take a look at the details of using goats for brush clearing, and how small scale goat owners can make the most of this technique.

Pack Goats and Goat Harness

Goats are sure-footed, pleasant company, strong and relaxed as pack animals.  They are increasingly common on and off the trail, particularly in sensitive areas where heavier animals are either impractical or not invited.  We'll take a look at how to train, equip and use goats as pack animals. 

Goat Herd Health Management

Goats are thrifty, hardy, sturdy animals.  But even they have health issues from time to time.  Additionally, any small scale goat operation will need to consider herd health as part of that operation's ongoing tasks.  We'll take a look at how to keep goats healthy, and what to do when one of them gets sick or injured.

Additional Resources

Universities, extension services, conservation districts and various non-profit groups have written a great deal about profitable goat management.  Most of those materials are available for free download.  We'll provide a list of as many of them as we know about.  Additionally, a variety of goat owners have published books on different aspects of goat ownership and goat product businesses.  We'll list some of those books as well.

Ongoing Research

We are steadily working to expand our informational pages as quickly as our schedules allow.  Even as we compile and write up the latest information, goat production is evolving and some of that information changes quickly.  We ask the readers' patience as we continue to compile information and write up each page or section.

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