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Morrisons Broiler Rations

We have transcribed the various broiler rations from Morrisons Feeds & Feeding, 21st edition.  We have transcribed the text exactly as it appears in that book, with only minor changes to the formatting.  However, we have left out a variety of footnotes which reference other, earlier research material which served as the basis for the recipes provided in the Morrisons book.  We tried to locate those references as distinct sources of additional information to serve as links from these webpages.  But many of them are apparently not available online.  As such, we have limited the transcription to the actual recipes provided in the book.  Those who want to do the additional research to investigate those additional sources, can reference the book for more information.

Rations with liquid skim milk or buttermilk

Mash of 50 lbs ground yellow corn; 20lbs flour wheat middlings, and 10lbs ground heavy oats.  Mix to a batter, fresh at each feeding, with buttermilk or skim milk, using about 1 quart of milk to each pound of mash.


Mash of 50 lbs ground yellow corn, 25lbs flour wheat middlings, standard winter wheat middlings, or ground wheat, and 25lbs finely ground oats.  Mix to a batter with skim milk or buttermilk.

Rations Without Liquid Milk

Mash of 50lbs ground yellow corn, 20lbs flour wheat middlings, 10lbs ground heavy oats, 10lbs dried skim milk or buttermilk, and 10lbs meat scraps.  Mix to a batter with water.


Mash of 45lbs ground yellow corn, 22.5 lbs flour wheat middlings, standard winter wheat middlings or ground wheat, 22.5 lbs finely ground oats and 10lbs dried skim milk or buttermilk.  Mix to a batter with water.  Boiled discarded incubator eggs may be used instead of dried skim milk or dried buttermilk, about 2lbs of ground boiled eggs being mixed with each 3lbs of mash, with enough water to make a batter. 

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