Animal Coloring Books

Animal coloring books are a potent way to not only teach younsters about animals, but also about farm life and the natural world around them. Whether those children are already on the farm, in the woods, walking the fields or in a high-rise condo in the city, they will appreciate these colorful, informative, imaginative, pretty, and sometimes real images from American farms, woods and fields. These animal coloring books make wonderful gifts for the youngsters on your gift list. We hope you enjoy this selection.

Farm Animals Coloring Book by Lisa Bonforte
This 64 page livestock coloring book is suitable for ages 4-8. This is a great little travel book because it is a very small format, only 5"x7" in size. So it's perfect for long trips or anywhere away from home where a little one might need some distraction. Perhaps your little one has a road trip or long wait at a doctor's office. Take this livestock coloring book along to keep your child engaged. Even after he or she has colored all the pictures, you can review the pictures and talk about all the various animals and their jobs on the farm.

Baby Animals Coloring Book by Ruth Soffer
This 32 page, full-size format animal coloring book is listed as being suitable for ages 4-8. But reviews on indicate it is appropriate for a much more mature audience including adults, as the images are more advanced and included more detail. This book also includes animals of all types - farm animals, pets, and wildlife. If you have an artist in your household who likes animals, this is a great book for them. Even after the images are colored, you and your little ones can take these pictures to the farm, the zoo, or on a hike to watch for the individual animals.

The Wonderful World Of Horses Coloring Book by John Green
This 32 page, full-size format horse coloring book is appropriate for slightly older children, ages 7 and up. The images are much more refined than books intended for younger artists, and each image invites greater variety of color along with finer dexterity and accuracy. If your child has outgrown the simpler format coloring books, this would be a good next step. Many different natural scenes are available - mares with foals, wild horses running free, domesticated horses under saddle. Any young horse lover will thoroughly enjoy working in this book.

A Walk In The Woods Coloring Book by Dot Barlowe
This is another more detailed book for children 6-12 years old. Like the book above, this full-size book offers a much greater amount of detail and refinement than coarser books. Accomplished and/or advanced young artists are more challenged while working with these animal images. Also, each image is accompanied by text explaining who the animal is, what environment they live in, and something about their natural history. A very nice book for both aspiring young artists and inquisitive young minds.

Old Fashioned Farm Life Coloring Book by AG Smith and Peter Cousins
This endearing 48 page, full-size coloring book shares images from the real-life Firestone Farm at Greenwood Village, a working historical re-enactment farm in Dearborn Michigan. The images here are not solely animal-related, but like any 19th century farm they are a common part of the farming day. Images vary from farmers harvesting the fields, and managing the herds, to women doing various farm and home tasks, to children helping out in the barns and gardens. The images are detailed enough to be suitable for older children, and the text with each image will give a lesson from 19th century American life. A wonderful collection of real-world images from what farm life was once like, from a living history farm.

An Amish Farm Coloring Book by Cheryl Brenner
This 10 page, full-sized farm coloring book is intended for the youngest artist, ages 3 and up. Scenes include a girl milking a cow, a boy and girl picking berries, and other charming scenes from Amish farming life. The images are definitely "cute" but they do show various farm activities which young children can start to identify and understand. A good first farm life coloring book.

Usborne Farmyard Tales Coloring Book by Steven Cartwright
This full-sized 20 page coloring book is another fairly stylized set of artwork, intended for young children just starting to explore animal and farm life. This particular coloring book offers a variety of stickers in addition to the coloring pages, so that children can not only color but use the stickers on other books, on their wall or even their lunchbox. Perhaps not as accurate as other coloring books but the stickers are a nice touch.

Old MacDonald's Farm Coloring Book by Cathy Beylon
I've never met a child who didn't know this song, in some form, and this coloring book takes that song and puts some scenery to it. This 32 page full-size coloring book features a lot of images of Farmer MacDonald and his family working on the farm with their livestock. As with some of the other coloring books, the images are simple, intended for ages 4 and up. But it would be a nice tie-in for children who already know the song. If your youngster can't stop singing the song, give them this book and it'll keep them occupied awhile. And as a result, they may remember more about farming than E-I-E-I-O.

Farm Days A-Z Coloring Book by Carole Marsh
This 28 page full-sized book is a more detailed collection of images for ages 4-8. The images are a bit more modern than other farm coloring books, with things like tractors, field implements and row crops along with livestock and barns. But the images are engaging and encourage youngsters to not only color to their hearts' content, but learn about typical farming activities.

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