Community Building Blog Entries

We have created this blog categorization system as a way to organize and preserve the daily blogs written about our farming life. We hope you find this categorization system helpful.

The following blog entries are all related in some way to the topic of community building. They may cover any one or more of the following topics:
farmer/rancher networking
farming/ranching workshops and training
rural community development
social services and infrastructure
rural justice and activism

Or they may simply be essays about some general aspect of community building. We hope you find something useful here, or at least some pleasant reading.

If there is some way we can improve our archiving system, please Contact Us and we'll take your recommendations into consideration.


Charting a Course
January 26, 2011

Preview of this blog entry:
"I was out late tonight - something I do more and more often lately. Not because I like it, but because something important is afoot and I feel compelled to be a part of it all.

Farming is not merely growing something, selling something and calling it good. That is definitely part of it, but only a small part of it. Usually a much larger part of farming is forming and maintaining, the social, professional, and political ties that keep growers and livestock producers aware of each other's activities, challenges, goals, and concerns, so that we’re not working at cross purposes. It's also reaching out and forming partnerships with the families, businesses and communities who buy our products. Ironically, regional cooperation is needed to really preserve and promote local agriculture. It was a meeting along these lines that had me out so late tonight..."

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Fruitful Conversations
January 14, 2011

Preview of this blog entry:
"I spent the day today doing what us Irish folk love doing most - talking to people. It wasn’t just social visiting, or gossiping, or trading tall stories over a pint down at the pub. It was substantial talk, the kind that changes how we move through the world. And it’s always such a privilege when we get to share in this kind of interaction.

The first conversation was with a woman having problems with coyotes raiding her large layer flock..."

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