Lippitt Morgan Horses

We were very fortunate to be offered three healthy, well bred, well built Lippitt Morgan horses in April, 2008. While we had been planning to acquire either heavier draft horses and/or lighter riding horses, these traditional Morgan horses offer the best of both worlds - powerful strength for working our land, lighter build for a smaller feed bill, and a rare bloodline which is in danger of being lost to the vagaries of show-driven fashion.

These horses were only halter-broke when we acquired them, but we have been working with them on the fundamental lessons required for either driving, draft work or riding. We look forward to seeing how they mature into that training, and what role(s) they will eventually play on the farm. We don't have immediate plans to breed our beautiful mares, but that too may eventually be part of our operation. If you are a Lippitt Morgan enthusiast, we'd love to hear from you! Please check back here often as we expand this section of the website.

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