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The following blog entries are all related in some way to the topic of veterinary services. They may cover any one or more of the following topics:
seed saving
variety selection
genetically modified organisms (GMO's)
planting, irrigation, cultivation, harvesting
horticultural methods
horticultural equipment

Or they may simply be essays about some aspect of horticultural science and/or plant husbandry. We hope you find something useful here, or at least some pleasant reading.

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Foraging for Food, Fun and Profit
March 24, 2011

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"I had always been interested in wild foods. The notion is both ancient and cutting edge - gathering nutritious, tasty food from the landscape as a regular contribution to our daily nutrition. Now that I’m raising food as my income, that practice took on new meaning. In addition to our regular planted crops, it made sense to at least look into what might be growing already, and whether it could be marketed. Turns out, we had a lot of edible plants growing wild on the farm. But what could we do with it?"

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First Day In The Garden
March 20, 2011

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"The first day of spring here is usually cold and wet, much like a dog’s nose. You’re always glad to see it but dang you don’t want to get too close to it. So today’s forecast for partly cloudy skies, no rain and temps in the 50’s had us outside most of the day. And glad to be there...."

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A Whirlwind Tour Through Season Extenders
March 12, 2011

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"My farming partner and I have been working the last few weeks in her several greenhouses, planting and transplanting the first crops of the year. Amongst those crops are peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, lettuces and cool-season salad greens. We've also gotten some herb cuttings going including rosemary, thyme, sage, tarragon and mints. Our work has primarily been done inside because the weather outside has been dreadful, particularly this year. We’ve had rain almost every day for the last two weeks. Not the warm, gentle rains of a warm spring, but the cold, bone-chilling, blustery rains of a winter that won’t let go...."

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